Can we integrate LunchBox Sessions with our corporate LMS?

We offer basic push integration with your LMS to provide:

  • Quiz scores and completions, updated in realtime.
  • Time spent by learners in each session, updated daily.

We offer basic pull integration with your LMS to provide:

  • Up-to-date listings of our sessions, with titles, descriptions, thumbnail graphic URLs, and direct links.

These basic integrations are available to any customers that meet the following requirements:

  1. An Enterprise plan with a minimum of 50 accounts and a minimum contract term of one year (whether paid monthly or annually).
  2. Your LMS must have an API that our servers can communicate with via HTTPS using JSON-formatted data.
  3. Learners are identified by email address.

We offer custom designed integrations for customers with multi-year contracts and thousands of learner accounts. Our programmers will work directly with your IT staff to design an integration that suits your use case.

We are not able to offer our content in a form that can be directly included inside your LMS, such as SCORM or AICC. All content will be hosted on LunchBox Sessions, and your learners must use the content via our website.

To learn more about our Enterprise plan, visit our Pricing page. To discuss integration options, email

Email to talk to our support team.

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