What web browsers and devices do you support?

LunchBox Sessions is loaded with dynamic, animated media that requires a powerful device and a modern web browser. Here are our system requirements and recommended browsers.

Desktop & Laptop Computers

The best way to experience our content is with a computer. Our graphical media really benefits from having a big monitor, a mouse or trackpad, and a physical keyboard. You will also want to use a modern web browser. Google Chrome works best. Firefox and Microsoft Edge also work very well. Mac users, Safari works great. Windows users, Internet Explorer is not supported, and we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Edge, Firefox, or Chrome.

Smartphones & Tablets

About 80% of our content works great on iPad and Android tablets. We're regularly updating our content to be tablet-optimized, so before you know it we'll be at 100%.

Some of our content works great on smartphones. Other content is a bit tricky. The screen is so small that it's difficult to look closely at our graphics and work the interactive controls at the same time. You can try it, but it's not fun — you'll need to pinch-to-zoom a lot. Give it a shot, but if it doesn't work well for you, we recommend using a bigger screen.

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Bad News

JavaScript is not enabled in your browser.

We use JavaScript to power our training media, so you'll need to turn JavaScript on before you can use LunchBox Sessions. If you need help, email us at support@lunchboxsessions.com