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Plans for Individuals

Standard Membership

Train yourself, with unlimited access to all our learning materials: lessons, videos, Live Schematic simulations, quizzes, puzzles — everything.




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Student Membership

Save 60% off the Standard Membership price if you are enrolled at a university, college, polytechnic, or other educational institution.

To claim your discount either send us an email using your school email address, or send a picture of your student ID, to

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Instructor Membership

Use our learning materials — simulations, lessons, videos, quizzes, and more — on your classroom projector or in your virtual classroom screen share.

Note: an Instructor Membership is required if you show LunchBox Sessions materials to other people.




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Plans for Teams


Training Programs, Skills Assessment, eLearning, Onboarding

LunchBox Sessions is a next-generation training solution used in over 100 countries around the world. Your employees get immediate access to our entire learning library when you add them to your team, and you get detailed reports of all their learning activity.

Use it self-directed. Our sessions guide your trainees through a comprehensive learning library at their own pace. They can go hard on the individual concepts that challenge them most, practice their troubleshooting skills, and be better prepared for the unique demands of their job.

Use it blended. Our computer-based training is a powerful complement to your existing instructor-led training initiatives. Deploy LunchBox Sessions to maintain worker skills and knowledge in the time between hands-on training classes, keeping your team fresh.

$29/month or $249/year
per active member

Minimum team size: 2 active members. No charge for deactivated member accounts.

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Polytechnics, Universities, Colleges, Institutes, High Schools

No matter how you teach, or how your students learn, LunchBox Sessions can help prepare them for the challenging workplace of tomorrow.

For Instructors: Our simulations are the ultimate teaching tool inside your classroom. The interactivity facilitates class participation and dialogue, and significantly improves engagement. Plus, we have a handy collection of Instructor's Guides. They offer advice on how to teach using our learning materials and interesting discussion points to raise with the students.

For Students: LunchBox Sessions is like a textbook from the future. Send your students through the lessons and activities in our library to help them form and reinforce their understanding of key concepts. Have them take our dynamically generated quizzes, then review their scores and learning activity from your instructor accounts.

$12/month or $99/year
per active member

Minimum team size: 6 active members. No charge for deactivated member accounts.

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For Large Teams, Global Deployment, Custom Content

LunchBox Sessions is trusted by leading companies in resources, manufacturing, logistics, and aerospace. This is a proven solution at global scale.

We can offer your business a variety of special accommodations: discount pricing for hundreds or thousands of active learners, multi-year contracts, advanced supervision and management tools, custom simulations for your industry and equipment, priority support, system integrations, and involvement in our content development process.

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