EHC Valves


  • Explain the function of the EHC valves
  • Describe the testing procedure for an EHC valve

What Are EHC Valves?

While motion control (motors, cylinders) for travel, swing, and attachment functions are produced by hydraulic flow, the control levers that the operator moves are electrical.

How does the initial electrical function of an operator lever (or pedal) control a large hydraulic flow?

That is the question we set out to explore and answer in the first part of the lesson.

Inlet Port

A key electro-hydraulic control valve is called the EHC valve, and there are many of them on each Hitachi shovel model. For example, there are 14 EHC valves in use on an EX3600-6 Shovel.

An EHC valve assembly has eight separate EHC valves, all grouped up into one aluminum manifold. The manifold has a filter screen on the master inlet port (labeled PB).

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