Main Pump RegulatorP1PsvTo Control ValveMain PumpPilot PumpFeedbackLeverServo PistonSpoolPump ControlSolenoidValveFrom MCApprox:680 mASleevePinCheck Valve 'A'Check Valve 'B'QminQmax25%100%QminQmax25%100%P1To ControlValveMain PumpPilot PumpFeedbackLeverServoPistonSpoolPump ControlSolenoid ValveSleeveCheckValve 'A'CheckValve 'B'PinSleeveSpoolPilot PistonPump ControlSolenoid ValveCheck Valve 'A'Check Valve 'B'Servo PistonSpool SpringPinFeedbackLeverSolenoid SpoolSolenoid SpringSwash PlateLow PressureHigh PressureVacuum PressureDrain PressureColors LegendMedium Pressure

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