Security & Privacy Technology

We want to be completely open about how we handle your information. This page covers the technical aspects of our approach to privacy and security. For legal aspects, please take a look at our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.


We use cookies to store some temporary data needed for the basic functionality of our site, like storing whether or not you are logged in. These cookies are encrypted, private, and are not used for cross-site tracking.


Your information is not for sale.

We will only email you:

  • to activate your account,
  • to reset your password,
  • to provide a receipt for payments,
  • if you turn on email notifications,
  • to reply to your requests or inquiries,
  • if there's a critical update about your account or our service.

We use DMARC and other modern email technologies to fight spam.

Password Storage

Your password is never stored or logged. We cannot recover your password if you forget it.

We use BCrypt for one-way encryption, with a high cost factor.

Secure Communication

We use HTTPS secure connections between your browser and our servers, and between our backend services.

Our SSL score is A+.

3rd Party Integrations

We use Paddle to process your membership payments on our behalf. Paddle is a trusted reseller of software products. You can read their privacy policy here.

We use a handful of backend service providers to host LunchBox Sessions, monitor website performance, and store site data. Very few of them have access to any of your data. If you have a question about these services, please email our designated employee in charge of privacy, Ivan Reese at


Datensparsamkeit is a term used in German privacy legislation. The idea is to only store the absolute minimum amount of personal information required to run our service. We have a tremendous amount of respect for this philosophy, and follow it.

Responsible Disclosure

If you discover a vulnerability in LunchBox Sessions, let us know via or, and we will immediately work with you to address the issue.

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Bad News

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