Diagnosing Problems With Injector Traction


  • List problems that can occur with the traction circuit
  • List causes for traction problems
  • Describe basic tests for the traction circuit

The Problem

Failure to maintain adequate chain/gripper block traction against the tubing can cause:

  • Unusual noises at the injector head
  • Tubing slippage into the well
  • Ejection of tubing from the well (underbalanced)

Causes of Traction Faults

Tubing slippage can be caused by non-hydraulic faults such as:

  • Worn or damaged gripper blocks
  • Wrong sized gripper blocks
  • Broken or brittle elastomer pads

The Problem

Excessive traction pressure can cause:

  • Gripper blocks to place marks on the tubing
  • Tubing to deform to an oval shape

Causes of Traction Faults

Excessive traction pressure can be caused by:

  • Thermal expansion of fluid inside hoses - simply bleed off the excessive pressure
  • Problems with internal seals on the hose reel allowing higher pressure circuits/channels to leak across to the traction circuits. You’ll need a reel repair.
  • The main traction pressure adjustment valve, which is a pressure reducing valve, stuck open.
Sun Cartridge Valve Stuck Open
Sun Cartridge Valve Stuck Closed

A lack of traction pressure may be caused by:

  • Hydraulic supply (priority pump circuit) not active
  • Traction pressure bleed valve left open
  • A large internal or external leak
  • Incorrect traction pressure setting
  • Traction pressure adjustment valve (Sun) stuck closed

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