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LunchBox Sessions cast of characters
Wait — what isLunchBox Sessions?
Our lessons, animations, and videos are available for computers and tablets.

LunchBox Sessions is an industrial eLearning megacenter.

It's loaded with quick lessons, vivid animations, interactive puzzles, and insightful assessments.

Material ranges from beginner to expert. We cover hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, process control — everything.

LBS is made by a dedicated team of SMEs, educators, programmers, and artists,
all with industrial experience.

We keep it quick, so you can
train every day.

Our training is easy to digest. Learn one concept at a time with a graphical lesson...


...and then prove it with interactive puzzles and challenges.



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Used by beginners & experts
in 55 countries worldwide.

I’m always looking for fresh and engaging ways to teach hydraulics. The interactive content on LunchBox Sessions makes a HUGE difference in creating a great learning experience. The first words out of my mouth were WOW GOOD STUFF! Carl Carey — Hydraulics Instructor, Hawkeye College
Two words... very impressed. It is fast! There is no waiting for things to work or load. I really like the format of the Fluid Power Basics. The animation is very effective. P. Nelson — HET, Syncrude
It is a fantastic way to understand what is actually happening in our hydraulic world! Kurtis M. — Apprentice Millwright
These training sessions are perfect! Jason M. — Maintenance Manager

The complete LunchBox Sessions content library has 350 lessons, animations, puzzles, workbooks, and guides. We are updating and adding new content every month, so it's always getting better.

Added December 2016

new puzzle: Classify the System
new puzzle: A Flow, Pressure, or Directional Problem?
new puzzle: Lumber Stacker
new puzzle: Pick the Pump
updated puzzles
updated lesson: Quick Couplers Maintenance & Faults
updated lesson: Introduction to Hydraulic Pumps
new lesson: Introduction to Gear Pumps
new lesson: Introduction to Vane Pumps
new lesson: Introduction to Piston Pumps
updated lesson: Introduction to Pressure Compensated Pumps

A comprehensive library of content,
always at your fingertips.

Topics include:

Mining & Construction

24H Grader
24M Grader
Hitachi 2500-6
Bucyrus 49HR Blast Hole Drill
Liebherr T282B Haul Truck
Komatsu 830E Haul Truck
Komatsu 930E Haul Truck
RH400 Mining Shovel
...and more!

Electrical Fundamentals

DC Voltage, Current, & Resistance
Series & Parallel Circuit Basics
Resistors, Potentiometers, & Rheostats
Switches & Relays
Electrical Waveforms, Signals, & Generation
Fuses & Circuit Breakers
12 & 24 VDC Battery Supplies
Interpreting Electrical Schematics
Electrical Measurements with a Multimeter
Open & Short Circuits
Electrical Safety
...and more!

Hydraulic Fundamentals

Fluid Power Basics
Pressure & Flow
Parallel & Series Circuits
Positive & Non-Positive Pumping
Open & Closed Center Circuits
Open Loop & Closed Loop Circuits
Fixed & Variable Displacement Pumps
Load Sensing Pumps
Pressure Relief Valves
Pressure Reducing Valves
Hydraulic Schematic Symbols
Hydraulic Accessories
Intro to Troubleshooting Processes
...and more!

Oilfield Hydraulics

Open vs. Closed Loop Injector Circuits
Injector Motor Torque/Pressure Limit Controls
Injector Counterbalance Motion Control
Injector Motor Displacement Controls
Traction Pressure
Injector Motor Fail-Safe Brakes
Tubing Reel & Spooler Functions
Winch Hydrostatic Loop
...and more!


Analog Control Signals
Proximity & Speed Sensors
Pressure Sensors/Transmitters
String Weight Load Cells
Depth/Rotary Encoders
Temperature Sensors
...and more!
A graphic of gears

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