LunchBox Sessions cast of characters

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LunchBox Sessions cast of characters
Our lessons, simulations, and videos are available for computers and tablets.
We help you learnHydraulic & Electricalskills and concepts.

LunchBox Sessions is like a textbook from the future.
Filled with live simulations you can play with.
Lessons that take you step-by-step.
Videos, puzzles, and graphics.

Start at the top with basics like schematic reading and the forms of energy,
or skip down to advanced sessions like load sense and troubleshooting.

Wherever you are in your learning journey, we are going to help.

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Paid sessions are just $15 to $30USD.
Special plans available for
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It's easy to understand. Learn one point at a time with a graphical lesson...


...and then practice with interactive puzzles and challenges.

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I’m always looking for fresh and engaging ways to teach hydraulics. The interactive content on LunchBox Sessions makes a huge difference in creating a great learning experience. The first words out of my mouth were "WOW GOOD STUFF!" Carl Carey — Hydraulics Instructor, Hawkeye College
Two words: very impressed. It is fast! There is no waiting for things to work or load. I really like the format of the Fluid Power Basics. The animation is very effective. P. Nelson — HET, Syncrude
It is a fantastic way to understand what is actually happening in our hydraulic world. Kurtis M. — Apprentice Millwright
These training sessions are perfect! Jason M. — Maintenance Manager

A whole library of learning material
that's always growing.


20 Sessions — 215 Learning Materials

Parallel & Series CircuitsSequence ValvesOpen & Closed Center CircuitsPressure Reducing ValvesTroubleshooting ProcessesUnloading ValvesCross-Port Relief ValvesCounterbalance ValvesPressure Relief ValvesHydraulic Hazards & SafetyFlow & Directional Control ValvesFluid Power BasicsHydraulic AccessoriesHydraulic Schematic SymbolsHydraulic ActuatorsPressure & FlowHydrostatic (Closed Loop) CircuitsLoad Sensing PumpsPositive & Non-Positive PumpingFixed & Variable Displacement Pumps
Start with basics at the top of the graph. Or skip right to the advanced sessions at the bottom. It's up to you.


5 Sessions — 24 Learning Materials

plus 7 new sessions coming soon

Fuses & Circuit BreakersSeries & Parallel Circuit BasicsSwitchesElectrical Power BasicsElectrical MeasurementsDiodesVariable ResistorsOpen & Short Circuit FaultsInterpreting Electrical SchematicsRelaysConnectorsStarting & Charging Systems
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