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LunchBox Sessions is a whole new kind of industrial training.

It's full of working simulations that put you in control,
step-by-step lessons that inform and challenge you,
and 3D videos that take you inside the machine.

Grab the controls.
Power the solenoids.
Cause a pressure spike.
See what happens.
This is
like you've never seen.

Follow the paths in series and parallel circuits.
Learn how to read complex electrical and hydraulic schematics.
Pressure and flow, current and voltage — we show you how they relate.
Get grounded on the fundamentals!

Rushed & reckless repairs can be deadly.
Our lessons alert you to the risks and best practices.
Check the hazards, and concentrate on working safely.

Let's put those pressure gauges, flow meters,
and multimeters in the right hands: yours.
We teach you to be a top troubleshooter.

There are so many different components!
Sensors, valves, relays, accumulators, pumps...
See how they work, how they fail, and how to fix them.
The days of mindless part-swapping are over.

Load sense? Yep!
Hydrostatic drives? Covered.
Complex valve banks with crazy centers?
We give you guidance and tools for deep understanding.

Tools for the
Industrial Evolution

3 Topics

Specialize In Hydraulics, Electrical,
and Machinery.

59 Sessions

Subjects Include Basics, Schematic Reading,
Components, Measurements,

467 Materials

In The Form Of Lessons, 3D Videos,
Simulations, Workbooks,
Puzzles, Quizzes, Guides...

The latest. The greatest.

Always something new to learn.

Published 1 Hour Ago
Valve Solenoid Basics
1 Hour Ago
Pressure Compensated Flow Divider
1 Hour Ago
Solenoid-Controlled Pilot-Operated Directional Control Valve
1 Hour Ago
Meter-In vs Meter-Out
1 Day Ago
Adjusting Pilot Chokes
1 Day Ago
Directional Control Valve Basics (Part 1)
1 Day Ago
Directional Control Valve Basics (Part 2)
1 Day Ago
Directional Control Valve Centers
1 Day Ago
Valve Centers in Parallel & Series
1 Day Ago
Closed Loop (Hydrostatic) Charge Pressure
1 Day Ago
Closed Loop (Hydrostatic) Systems (Part 2)
1 Day Ago
Closed Loop (Hydrostatic) Systems (Part 1)
1 Day Ago
Pump Displacement Control Basics
3 Days Ago
Closed Loop Injector
6 Days Ago
Load Sense Bleed to Standby
6 Days Ago
Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves in a Load Sense System

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I’m always looking for fresh and engaging ways to teach hydraulics.
The interactive content on LunchBox Sessions makes a huge difference
in creating a great learning experience.
Carl C.    Hawkeye College
I am currently studying for the International Fluid Power Association's Hydraulic Specialist test. I find your website to be extremely helpful in understanding the concepts. Brandon P.    Comoso
Two words: very impressed. It is fast!
There is no waiting for things to work or load.
The animation is very effective.
Patricia N.    Syncrude
It is a fantastic way to understand
what is actually happening
in our hydraulic world.
Kurtis M.    Apprentice
The sessions are extremely informative
and very easy to understand.
James N.    AltaSteel
These training sessions are perfect! Jason M.    Maintenance Manager

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