Our Open Source Projects

We've created a handful of open source code libraries to power our website and animated media. Nothing too fancy, but they solved a need for us and, hey, they might help you out too. You're free to use these libraries in your projects. If you find them useful, we'd love to hear about it (support@lunchboxsessions.com), and of course, pull requests are welcome.

  • Take & Make — A highly asynchronous module system for CoffeeScript.
  • SVG Tools — A wrapper around the browser DOM APIs allowing for fast, easy SVG element creation and manipulation.

Open Source Projects We Use

Building LunchBox Sessions would have been much more difficult without the help of these open source resources. We are indebted to their authors and contributors.


Finally, we'd like to shout out the handful of fun typefaces you'll find across our website and learning materials.

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