Deutsch Connector Crimping & Assembly


  • Describe common Deutsch connectors
  • Demonstrate how to crimp and assemble a Deutsch connector
  • Inspect the connection

What is a Deutsch Connector?

Deutsch is a brand of connectors that are used worldwide for all kinds of applications. They are well-known for their use in harsh environments.

Deutsch DT connectors are environmentally sealed to withstand extreme temperatures and moisture. These connectors are most common in industrial mobile applications and are known for their reliability and performance.


Solid Pin Contact

Receptacle Connector

Receptacle Wedgelock

Plug Wedgelock

Plug Connector

Solid Socket Contact

Deutsch Connector Parts

In this lesson we will be demonstrating how to crimp and assemble a Deustch DT connector with solid contacts.

There are two styles of crimp contacts.

The solid contact is designed for more heavy duty applications, and because of its durability, it is most commonly used. The stamped and formed contact is more affordable and much easier to crimp.

Stamped & Formed

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