Zero Energy


This lesson walks you through a sample procedure for creating an electrically safe environment when dealing with Low Voltage Circuits (electrical bodies such as IEC and the IEEE differ on the definition of low voltage, but we will use 600V as the threshold).

If your workspace has its own zero energy procedures, you should follow those instead. Ensure that you are always wearing your jobsite personnal protective equipment (PPE).

These steps are divided into preparation (steps you can complete while the circuit is energized) and action (steps that can only be completed while the circuit is de-energized).

High voltage circuits (greater than 600 volts) are a unique topic, and you should receive specialized training to deal with them.

The information in this lesson may not be applicable or complete for a high voltage environment.


You are an maintenance technician working for an amusement park.

The Fantastic Futures!! ride has a defective component that needs to be replaced, which will require shutting the entire ride down. Let's look at a plan to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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