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Rexroth 4WRZE Model Challenge!

This is an actual valve, available from Rexroth. How completely can you describe it?

When you're ready, scroll down to see our answer.

Rexroth 4WRZE Model

Driver (Amplifier) ElectronicsSpringSpringHydraulic PilotHydraulic PilotVariable Signal SolenoidVariable Signal SolenoidInfinite Positioning (Proportional)Crossover (Retract Position)Straight Through (Extend Position)Float Center (Position)Orifice (Restriction)Orifice (Restriction)P PortT PortA PortB PortPlugged

This is a 4 port, 3 (infinite) position, float center (P port blocked), variable solenoid controlled, pilot operated, spring centered, proportional directional control valve, with onboard electronics (amplifier).

And for our non-North American friends, rather than "float", the center may be described as "A and B connected to T, P port blocked."

We hope you enjoyed 4WRZE

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