Can LunchBox Sessions integrate with our company's LMS?

We can integrate with most LMS, CMS, HRMS, and other management systems.

While every integration has its limits, we'll work with you to design an approach that offers you rich data and gives your learners a fast, fluid experience.

How much will it cost?

  • Many integrations are simple, and easy for us to set up. If your team pays for at least 50 accounts (Company) or 100 accounts (School), with a minimum contract term of one year, then we'll set up a simple integration for free.
  • For smaller teams, or complex integrations, there will be a one-time setup cost.
  • None of the integrations described on this page have a recurring or per-user cost.

Logging in

To access our website, your learners and instructors need their own user accounts, and they need to be logged in. Here are some integrations we can set up to make this fast and seamless.

  • SSO (simple) — If you use an SSO solution, such as SAML, LDAP, or OAuth, we can integrate with your identity provider to automatically create and authenticate users.
  • Domain-based signup (simple) — When each of your learners and instructors has an email address managed by your organization (on your domain), we can enable a streamlined signup process. Use this instead of manually inviting and managing each user account — that's too much work if you have hundreds or thousands of users. Instead, each user account will be set up automatically when that person first begins using LunchBox Sessions, with a quick email-based activation check for additional security. If you don't have SSO, this is the next best thing.

Our learning materials in your LMS

Our learning materials are always hosted on our own servers. This enables the interactive learning and assessment features that make LunchBox Sessions unique. Our materials do not work when packaged (SCORM) or embedded (iframe). We recommend populating your LMS with content objects that link to individual sessions or learning materials on LunchBox Sessions.

  • You may link to a session (like Fluid Power Basics), or a to a material inside a session (like Energy Basics). Choose whichever approach makes more sense given the way you structure the other content inside your system.
  • When linking directly to a material, set the link to open in a new tab or window, and add the text ?lms to the end of the URL. This enables a few quality-of-life improvements for learners, such as hiding the LunchBox Sessions header bar — when a learner finishes the material, they should close it and return to your LMS.
  • If your LMS supports an API for course/content object creation (most do), we can build an integration that automatically generates objects in your LMS for each of our sessions or materials, and keeps them up-to-date as we evolve our library. (This is a complex integration.)
  • If you'd like to pull listings of our sessions or materials, with titles, descriptions, thumbnail graphic URLs, and other metadata, we can set up an API endpoint for you to do so. (This is a simple integration.)

Syncing scores, completions, and other data back to your system

If your LMS (or CMS, HRMS, or other system) has an API, we can probably push quiz scores, session completions, and other learning activity back to you. Each system is different, so which data we're able to sync, how quickly we can sync it, and whether this will be a simple or complex integration will need to be determined first.

  • If your system has a well-documented API, using REST and JSON, with the appropriate functionality exposed, this is probably a simple integration. This is the most common case.
  • If your system lacks documentation, doesn't use REST/JSON, or is missing API functionality, an integration might be complex, or might not even be possible. We can talk directly with your system vendor to work out the details.

Getting started

To discuss integration options, email We'll set up an initial discussion between our programmers, your IT staff, and your system vendor (if necessary) to work out the technical details, and then get the integration built and deployed in short order.

We're here to help.

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