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LunchBox Sessions should look and feel like an official part of your training programs. Co-branding is how we achieve that. We can integrate your logo, imagery, and identity into our website and materials. Read on to learn how.

Our engineers built LunchBox Sessions with a special focus on performance. This is important. People log in to LunchBox Sessions on mountaintops, offshore rigs, and in the far north. Their internet is slow and costly. Making the website fast and consistent is essential for these remote users. But it benefits everyone else too.

Serving these remote users poses a unique design and technical challenge. Many common requests for customization are simply not possible within our system. Instead, we've carved-out specific areas of the site that are ideal for co-branding. These dovetail with our in-house standards for art, writing, and interactivity. The result is the perfect blend of familiar, fast, and authoritative.

Send us your logo (SVG file), and your brand guideline document. Your logo will appear in sections of the website dedicated to your team. If possible, we will feature your branding in other ways too. Only your team members will see your branding. They'll know they're using an official training resource built for you.

Co-branding is important when we build custom learning materials for your equipment. We want to present your equipment in a way that is positive, familiar, and above all informative. Our artists will produce renderings of your equipment based on references you provide. Such references include technical schematics, illustrations, and marketing photos. The higher-quality the references, the better. Our renderings use our in-house art style, and follow rigorous technical standards. That's why we produce original renderings, rather than reusing your images. The visual style will be consistent across all our learning materials, and they will load in a snap.

Co-branding reinforces LunchBox Sessions as a key part of your training programs. Learners will recognize your brand, and trust that they're in good hands. We'll make sure everyone has a great learning experience. To get started, send your logo (SVG file) and brand guideline document to:

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