How does your School team membership plan work?

We offer two payment plans for schools:

  • Monthly — $12/month per active account
  • Yearly — $99/year per active account

Prices are in USD.

What is an active account?

Well, every person's account on your team can be set as "active" or "deactivated". You can toggle this setting at any time. Only the accounts set as "active" will count toward your team's limit.

What's the limit? When you pay for a team — whether monthly or yearly — what you actually pay for is the maximum number of accounts that can be set as "active" at a time.

When an account is "active", that person can log in to LunchBox Sessions and use all the learning materials, learning history tools, and other features of our website.

When an account is "deactivated", that person can still log in to LunchBox Sessions and access all the tools and features (including team management features, if this person is an Instructor, Manager, or Owner on your team). The only thing they can't use is our learning materials.

So, you can have as many student or teacher user accounts as you want on your team. Unlimited. But you only activate the ones that need to use the learning materials. And you only pay for the upper limit on how many accounts can be set as active at any time.

For instance, let's say there are 100 students that need to use our learning materials in the fall semester, 90 other students in the spring semester, and 50 other students over the summer. On the yearly plan, you only need to pay for 100 active accounts for the year, even though 240 students will have used LunchBox Sessions in that time.

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