How long does it take to complete all the materials?

Our website is not a course with a start and an end. It's a library that everyone moves through differently, following on their own curiosity. Our learning materials are designed to be used for a different amount of time by each learner. Everyone will find different things easy or challenging, and flexibility is key to ensuring every learner has a chance to learn effectively.

We suggest starting at the top with the basics, and then moving down through the sessions at your own pace. Build a habit of returning to the site regularly to learn and practice—daily, weekly, or on your own timeline. If something doesn't interest you, you can skip ahead to a later session. If you skip down to a more advanced session and are struggling, you should always feel free to go back and review earlier sessions.

In general, most people spend about 20-30 hours going through the main Hydraulic & Electrical lessons on their own. The simulations, videos, puzzles, and quizzes can be used in a number of different ways, and the amount of time people spend with them varies greatly. Some people spend over 100 hours, and we think this is great. It's also worth making a plan to come back and review lessons (and other learning materials) in the future — in a few months, or in a year — to make sure you're retaining and reinforcing all the things you learn.

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