Learning History

The Learning History features on LunchBox Sessions capture two kinds of data: the amount of time spent using our learning materials, and all scores earned by taking our quizzes. On this page, you'll learn how we designed the Learning History features and how you can make the best use of them.


LunchBox Sessions was designed to play one part in a comprehensive approach to training — providing high-quality information in a compelling way. We believe that no textbook or technology can replace human teaching and hands-on learning, and so our Learning History features are helpful tools, not a final judgement. While we've made them useful to teams, our top design consideration was the impact on individual learners, and we've carefully balanced privacy, efficacy, and device performance with their interests in mind. When viewing the Learning History data we collect, keep in mind that it roughly measures the way in which someone has used our website, and only hints at how much they've learned and what ability they might have. The only true measure of someone's learning is their performance in the real world.

Learning Time

We record the approximate amount of time each learner spends using each of our materials (like Lessons, Simulations, and Videos).

Uses: This allows learners to see which individual materials they've used a lot, just a little, or not at all. Team instructors can see which sessions each learner has spent the most time in.

Limitations: Reported learning time amounts will typically be lower than the amount of real-world time someone spends using our website.

Here are some details about how our time tracking works:

  • The algorithm we use to track time is approximate, and is only meant to indicate broad usage patterns.
  • We only track time when logged-in to an account.
  • We only track time spent in learning materials, and not time spent using menus or team tools.
  • In most cases, we track time in 20-second increments, rounding down.
  • We pause time tracking during periods of inactivity. For instance, after several minutes of no mouse movement, scrolling, or other interaction with a Lesson, we will pause time tracking.
  • We will also pause time tracking if the learner switches to a different browser tab or hides their browser.

Quiz Scores

Our quizzes are dynamically generated, so that each time someone takes a quiz, it'll be a little bit different. We've designed the quizzes and the way we track quiz scores around the idea that people will take our quizzes multiple times. We record every score earned by each learner in each quiz. New quiz scores do not replace old scores. For that reason, we don't treat quizzes as having a measure of pass/fail or being about completion. Different people & teams use them in different ways.


  • People can take a quiz right away, before using the lessons and simulations, to get a sense of how much they already know about a subject. Then, after they've learned more about it, taking the quiz again gives them a way to measure how much they've learned.
  • People can read the lesson, take the quiz, and move on. Then, in a few days or weeks, they can come back and re-take the quiz, to see how well they've retained their knowledge.
  • The quizzes are also a good way to drill yourself on facts, so taking a quiz over and over is a bit like using flash cards to help study.

Limitations: There is no way to stop students from taking a quiz more than once, but you can always see what their first quiz score was. We periodically make updates to our learning materials, add new materials, and revise our quizzes to match, which mean quiz scores from past years are not directly comparable to recent quiz scores. All multiple-choice quizzes, regardless of their design, have methodological flaws and are not a predictive indicator of real-world performance.

LunchBox Sessions is a library of learning media, open to be used however it works best for you. We don't set learning limits, rules, or thresholds. What we make is a flexible set of tools to assist teachers and self-directed learners. It's a hybrid of subject matter expertise, advanced technology, and research-backed educational philosophy, all of which will help you create the best learning experience in the world.

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