What web browsers and devices do you support?

LunchBox Sessions is loaded with dynamic, animated media that requires a modern web browser. Here are our system requirements and recommended browsers.

Desktop & Laptop Computers

The best way to experience our content is with a computer. Our graphical media really benefits from having a big monitor, a mouse or trackpad, and a physical keyboard. You will also want to use a modern web browser. Google Chrome works best for many people. Firefox and the latest versions of Microsoft Edge (79+) also work very well. Mac users, Safari works great. Windows users, old versions of Edge (12-18) do not work very well, and Internet Explorer is not supported at all, so you will need to use up-to-date versions of Edge, Firefox, or Chrome instead.

Smartphones & Tablets

All our learning materials work great on iPad and Android tablets.

Most of our learning materials work very well on smartphones, but a few materials can be a bit tricky. The screen is so small that it's difficult to look closely at our graphics and work the interactive controls at the same time. You'll need to pinch-to-zoom a lot. Give it a shot, but if it doesn't work well for you, we recommend using a bigger screen.

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