How do I deactivate someone on my team?

If you are a Manager or Owner of a team, you have the ability to deactivate and reactivate any of your team members.

To control which team members are currently active, go to the Your Account page, look for the Team Tools panel, and then click the Team Members button.

On the Team Members page, you'll see the list of all the member accounts that belong your team. In the ACTIVE column on the right, there are toggle switches that you can use to deactivate any account. The number of active accounts is shown next to the word ACTIVE.

When an account is active, the toggle switch has a yellow background. Clicking on an active toggle switch will set that team member's account as deactivated, and the switch will have a blue background. Click again to reactivate that account.

To learn more about deactivated accounts, see: What happens when a team member is deactivated?

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