What happens when a team member is deactivated?

When a team member's account is set as deactivated, that person will no longer have access to our learning materials, and your team will not be charged for their account. However, they may continue to log in and use all other features of LunchBox Sessions, including their personal learning history and, if they are an instructor or manager, team learning history and management features.

If you have someone who only needs to use the website to supervise or manage other team members, and they do not need access to the learning materials, you should deactivate their account as a cost-saving measure.

Deactivating accounts is also the recommended way to rotate people through the website in batches. You can invite an unlimited number of people to your team, and only activate the accounts for people who currently need learning materials access.

You can activate or deactivate an account at any time with no restriction.

To learn how to deactivate or reactivate your team members, see: How do I deactivate someone on my team?

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