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February 2023 Look here! This is a new little corner of the website where we'll talk about what we're doing to (as the name says) make everything better.

January 2023 We've re-organized the Machinery topic with better accessibility on small screens in mind. Much of the content that used to be there can now be found under the new Stationary or Mobile topics.

December 2022 In our Live Schematics, we've always used a red color to indicate an active solenoid. We're changing this to a purple color, so be on the lookout for that. Why make the change? Purple is the color we use to indicate a magnetic field, so it makes sense to use this color for an active solenoid.

November 2022 We've updated the way we draw valve operators to better match ISO standards.

October 2022 We're adding Inert as a new voltage color. This should make it even easier to understand ground-side switching circuits. Keep an eye open for that color in our upcoming electrical circuit diagrams.

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