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Plans for Individuals

Standard Membership

Unlock the full library of learning media for yourself. Take the lessons, drive the simulations, and watch all the videos. Get busy!




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Student Membership

Save 60% off our regular membership price if you are a student at university, college, polytechnic, or other educational institution.

To claim your discount, either send us an email using your school email address, or send a picture of your valid student ID, to

Instructor Membership

If your classroom or training facility is equipped with a projector, you should use our learning materials in your lectures. That's why we created LunchBox Sessions.

You get printable Instructor's Guides to help you plan your lessons, class discussions, and activities, plus printable Workbooks you can hand out to your class.

Whether you're an academic or corporate instructor, this is the plan for you.




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The instructor license is required if you are showing our learning media to other people.

Plans for Teams

Schools & Companies

Give all your employees, instructors, and students access to LunchBox Sessions with our group membership plans for Companies and Schools.

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If you have custom requirements that aren't addressed by any of our above plans, get in touch.

We can offer your organization a number of special accommodations: flat-rate pricing for hundreds of user accounts, custom invoicing, a full suite of supervision and management tools, additional industry-specific learning content beyond the standard library, priority support, integrations, and more.

Email Carl at to get started.

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