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Every member of a team is assigned a role, and the role determines which team features they will have access to. Let's look at each of the roles, from the basic Learner to the powerful Owner.


The most basic role, Learner unlocks all 500+ learning materials in the LunchBox Sessions library. Learners also have a few personal Learning History features. These allow the Learner to view how much time they've spent in each learning material, review every quiz score they've earned, and mark their progress as they work through the sessions. Learner is the right role for trainees, students, and other folks who will simply be using LunchBox Sessions to do their own learning.


In addition to the Learner features, the Instructor role unlocks a selection of Instructor's Guides that offer advice and activities for using LunchBox Sessions with a group of students. Instructors may also view the Learning History of everyone on the team, presented in a flexible interface that offers high-level overviews of the history in each session, detailed individual learner views, and fine-grained quiz results. Finally, Instructors have permission to show our learning materials to other people, whether by using a classroom projector, a screen sharing app when teaching remotely, or just gathering students around a monitor. Instructor is the right role for people using LunchBox Sessions to teach students and follow their learning progress.


This is the most common role for supervisors and administrators. In addition to the Instructor features like team Learning History, the Manager role grants control over the other member accounts on the team. Managers can create accounts, send out email invites and password resets, and edit account details. Managers can activate or deactivate access to learning materials (which affects billing), delete accounts entirely, and assign roles. Manager is the right role for someone with the responsibility to make sure everyone is signed up, logging in, and learning.


The highest role is Owner. Most teams have a single Owner account, belonging to the person that first created the team. In addition to all the above features, the Owner is responsible for paying for the team membership plan, and receipts will be emailed to them. When a team has the Subteams feature enabled, the Owner will be able to create and organize subteams, grouping the other team members into discrete units. If you need to change which people on your team are given the Owner role, please contact us here:

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