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19 Electrical Sessions

Basic Electrical Concepts

Updated January, 20176 Materials

When studying electrical circuits, you need to start with the fundamentals: Voltage, Current, and Resistance.

Learn about: Ohm's Law, Work, Power, Voltage, Current, Ohms, Resistance, and a whole lot more.


Updated January, 20174 Materials

Welcome to the session on electrical connectors.

Learn about: Jack, Hirschmann, Weather Pack, Amphenol, Metri-Pack, Power, Crimp, and a whole lot more.


Updated January, 20174 Materials

Learn to use your multimeter to test a diode.

Learn about: NPN, Circuit, Rectifier, LED, PNP, Multimeter, Bias, and a whole lot more.

Electrical Hazards & Safety

Updated March, 20183 Materials

Even low voltage systems can seriously injure or even kill.

Learn about: Hazards, , Static Dissipative Footwear, Zero Energy, Flame Resistant, Electrical PPE, Electrically Insulated Footwear, and a whole lot more.

Electrical Measurements

Updated January, 20178 Materials

Digital Multimeters (DMM) are one of the most powerful tools available to electricians.

Learn about: Open Circuit, Electrician, Continuity Test, Current Test, Test For Blown Fuse, Electrical, Fluke Meter, and a whole lot more.

Flow Sensors

Updated July, 20183 Materials

Both the electromagnetic flow meter and the mass flow meter measure flow without adding a turbine or a restriction to the mix.

Learn about: Coriolis, Mass Flow Measuring System, MFMS, Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Conductive, , Flow, and a whole lot more.

Fuses & Circuit Breakers

Updated January, 20172 Materials

This mini-session gives you a quick overview of these critical circuit protection devices.

Learn about: Circuit breaker, Short Circuit, Testing Fuses, Blown Fuse, Fast acting fuse, Inspecting Fuses, Digital Multimeter, and a whole lot more.

Interpreting Electrical Schematics

Updated January, 20174 Materials

Schematics don't need to be confusing.

Learn about: Electrician, Off-Page, Earth Ground, Signal Ground, Electronics, Bus, Wire Crossing, and a whole lot more.

Open & Short Circuit Faults

Updated January, 20176 Materials

In this session, you'll apply electrical principles to troubleshooting.

Learn about: Electrician, Open Circuit Fault, Troubleshooting, Digital Multimeter, Open Circuit, Electrical Fault, System Diagnosis, and a whole lot more.

Position Sensors

Updated July, 20189 Materials

Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric and Ultrasonic proximity sensors are covered in this session.

Learn about: Sensor, Photoelectric, Thru-Beam, Diffuse, Ultrasonic, Retroreflective, Capacitive, and a whole lot more.

Pressure Sensors

Updated July, 201810 Materials

Pressure sensing can be done with one of several kinds of technologies.

Learn about: Bourdon Tube Gauge, Pressure Sensor, Bar, psi, psig, Diaphragm Gauge, Indicator Fluids, and a whole lot more.


Updated February, 20176 Materials

Relays are demystified in this interactive lesson.

Learn about: Troubleshooting, Pole, Switch, Diagnostic, Electrical Circuit, Schematic Symbol, Relay, and a whole lot more.


Updated January, 20173 Materials

Transistors are the focus of this session, plus you'll learn how to prevent damage to these sensitive components.

Learn about: Semiconductor, Metal Oxide Varistor, Electrostatic Discharge, MOV, Schematic, FET, ESD, and a whole lot more.

Sensor Basics

Updated August, 201814 Materials

Sensors are everywhere in our electrical world.

Learn about: Sourcing, Live Zero, Span, Transmitter, Zero, Transducer, Upper Range Value, and a whole lot more.

Series & Parallel Circuit Basics

Updated May, 20188 Materials

Series and parallel circuits are at the heart of every electrical system.

Learn about: System Design, KVL, Industrial Maintenance, Kirchoff's Voltage Law, Electrician, Troubleshooting, Branch, and a whole lot more.

Starting & Charging Systems

Updated January, 20173 Materials

Dig into mobile electrical circuits with this session on starting and charging systems.

Learn about: Starter, 24V, Alternator, Electrical, Troubleshooting, 12V, Battery, and a whole lot more.


Updated January, 201712 Materials

Switches are one of most common control elements used in electrical circuit design.

Learn about: N.C., Double Pole, Pole, Control, Throw, Push Button, N.O., and a whole lot more.

Variable Resistors

Updated January, 20175 Materials

Potentiometers vs.

Learn about: AC temperature control, wiper, Variable Resistor, Potentiometer, Rheostat, Resistance, 2 lead, and a whole lot more.

Waveforms & Signal Generation

Updated January, 20177 Materials

Direct current is common in low voltage systems, but as soon as you start working with high voltage, you'll need to know about alternating current.

Learn about: DC, PWM, Root Mean Square, Frequency, ECM, Amps, Voltage, and a whole lot more.

22 Hydraulics Sessions

Counterbalance Valves

Updated January, 20175 Materials

Counterbalance valves allow raised loads to be lowered safely, with a minimum of wasted energy.

Learn about: Adjusting a Counterbalance Valve, Load Holding, Motion Control, Runaway Load, Safety, Counterbalance Valve, Raised Load, and a whole lot more.

Cross-Port Relief Valves

Updated January, 20175 Materials

Cross-port relief valves expand on the standard relief valve to control otherwise destructive pressures created by external forces acting against an actuator.

Learn about: Cross-Port Relief Valves, Flywheel Mass, Overpressure, Regenerative, Braking Valves, and a whole lot more.

Electro-Hydraulic Valves

Updated July, 20185 Materials

Enter the world of electro-hydraulic valves in this session.

Learn about: servo valves, electro-hydraulic valves, proportional valves, moog, and a whole lot more.

Fixed & Variable Displacement Pumps

Updated June, 201826 Materials

If you have questions about hydraulic pumps, this is the session for you.

Learn about: LPM, Rotating Group, Wear, External Gear Pump, Fixed Displacement, Off-Stroke, Internal Gear Pump, and a whole lot more.

Flow & Directional Control Valves

Updated June, 201818 Materials

This session is absolutely packed with fun lessons and interactive animations.

Learn about: Port, Operator, Master-Slave Valves, Pilot, 2-Stage Valves, Position, Response, and a whole lot more.

Fluid Power Basics

Updated January, 20177 Materials

If you're looking for the starting point in your study of hydraulics, this is it.

Learn about: Force, Laminar Flow, Fluidic Principles, Linear Force, Heat, Pressure, Energy, and a whole lot more.

Hydraulic Accessories

Updated July, 201810 Materials

This session covers a handful of hydraulic accessories.

Learn about: Straight Threads, Diameter, Precharge, Filters, Female, Thread Gauge, Hydraulic Hose Pressure Rating, and a whole lot more.

Hydraulic Actuators

Updated July, 201810 Materials

Linear and rotary actuators are the muscles of a hydraulic system.

Learn about: Rotary Actuator, Blind End, Semi-Rotary Actuators, Rod, Motor, Rod End, Linear Actuator, and a whole lot more.

Hydraulic Hazards & Safety

Updated January, 20173 Materials

Safe working habits around hydraulic systems save lives.

Learn about: Safety, Zero Energy State, Flammability, Pinch Points, Heat, Hose and Fitting Failure, Unexpected Motion, and a whole lot more.

Hydraulic Schematic Symbols

Updated January, 20177 Materials

Schematic symbol reading is a vital troubleshooting skill.

Learn about: ball valve, electrical line, reservoir, hydraulic pilot, drafting, Schematic symbols, spring, and a whole lot more.

Hydraulic Steering

Updated January, 20186 Materials

This session will go into detail on hydraulic power steering and how it works.

Learn about: hydraulic steering, HMU, Hand Metering Unit, orbitrol, steering valve, power steering, and a whole lot more.

Hydrostatic (Closed Loop) Systems

Updated July, 201814 Materials

Get right into the design of closed loop systems with colourful graphics and detailed drawings.

Learn about: Hydrostatic Loop, Hot Loop, Pressure Compensated Pump, Cavitation, Charge Pump, Closed Loop, Servo, and a whole lot more.

Load Sensing Pumps

Updated January, 201711 Materials

This animated and interactive session takes the mystery out of load sense.

Learn about: Load Sensing Compensator, Hunting, Pressure Differential, Orifice, Load Sense, LS, Piston Pump, and a whole lot more.

Open & Closed Center Systems

Updated January, 201713 Materials

This session tackles the differences and similarities between open and closed center systems.

Learn about: Closed Center, Closed Loop, Open Loop, Sectional Valve Bank, Mobile, Open Center, and a whole lot more.

Parallel & Series Systems

Updated January, 201721 Materials

Parallel and Series circuits behave very differently.

Learn about: Load, Branch, Series Circuits, Path of Least Resistance, Parallel Circuits, Pressure Drops, System Pressure, and a whole lot more.

Positive & Non-Positive Pumping

Updated May, 201821 Materials

Positive and Non-Positive Pumping tackles the differences between the two types of systems, and the design and maintenance needs of each.

Learn about: Aeration, Restriction, Net Positive Suction Head, Flooded Inlet, Positive Displacement, Positive Pressure, Charge Pump, and a whole lot more.

Pressure & Flow

Updated January, 201720 Materials

This session gets you started with a solid foundation on pressure and flow basics.

Learn about: FPA Triangle, Slippage, Hydraulic Flow, Positive Displacement Pump, Hydraulic Pressure, Flow Rate, Fluid Velocity, and a whole lot more.

Pressure Reducing Valves

Updated January, 20175 Materials

Pressure reducing valves function very differently than relief valves, even though their schematic symbols look very similar.

Learn about: Normally Closed, Downstream Pressure, Direct Acting, Pilot Operated, Pressure Reducing Valve, Pressure, and a whole lot more.

Pressure Relief Valves

Updated January, 201721 Materials

Jump into relief valves with this colorful session.

Learn about: normally closed, spring, counterbalance valves, pressure spikes, relief pressure, direct acting relief, relief valves, and a whole lot more.

Sequence Valves

Updated January, 20175 Materials

Sequence valves are used on many machines to choreograph hydraulic functions.

Learn about: Order, Training, Valve, Hydraulic, Sub-Circuit, Set Pressure, Sequence, and a whole lot more.

Troubleshooting Processes

Updated January, 20177 Materials

Troubleshooting a hydraulic system can be a demanding and tricky task.

Learn about: Hit or Miss, Downtime, TSTP, Failure, easy-to-check order, Guess and Check, Ten Step Troubleshooting Process, and a whole lot more.

Unloading Valves

Updated January, 20176 Materials

Unloading valves are often confused with relief valves, but they play a unique role in hydraulic systems.

Learn about: External Pilot Section, Fast Approach Slow Feed Circuit, Restriction, High-Low Circuit, Unloading Valve, Pressure, Pressure Pump , and a whole lot more.

11 Machinery Sessions

Blast Hole Drills

Updated August, 20183 Materials

This session gets you right into the hydraulic circuit sections in a common blast hole drill.

Learn about: Atlas Copco, Diverter, Drill, Propel, Hydraulic Circuit, Simulation, Blast Hole Drill, and a whole lot more.

Coal Stacker-Reclaimer

Updated June, 20182 Materials

No description.

Learn about: , and a whole lot more.

Coiled Tubing Units

Updated April, 20183 Materials

This session is specific to coiled tubing units and problems related to injector chain tension and traction.

Learn about: hydraulic faults , chain tension, injector traction, coiled tubing, Coil tubing injector, and a whole lot more.

Excavators & Shovels

Updated July, 201825 Materials

In the world of excavators & shovels, there are a lot of specialized hydraulic components used to solve problems specific to such large mobile machinery.

Learn about: solenoid valves, pump regulator, Electro-hydraulic control valve, pump controller, heavy machinery, EHC Valve, and a whole lot more.

Hydraulic Governor

Updated April, 20182 Materials

The governor is a critical component in hydroelectric dams.

Learn about: engine, regulate, dam, generation, power, hydraulic, governor, and a whole lot more.


Updated July, 20184 Materials

Get to know your way around the hydraulics on a loader with the advanced simulations in this sessions.

Learn about: Lift, Shock Valve, Wheel Loader, Mobile Equipment Hydraulic, Auxiliary, Tilt, Front-End Loader, and a whole lot more.

Oilfield Cementing

Updated May, 20181 Material

Oilfield cementing has driven industrial process technology to produce many specialized components, which you'll learn about in this session.

Learn about: Air Entrainment, Cement Metering Valve, Dry Blending, Diffuser, Oilfield, Dust, Slurry, and a whole lot more.

Oilfield Pumping

Updated June, 20186 Materials

Reciprocating plunger pumps are very common in oilfield pumping.

Learn about: Fluid End, Maintenance, Positive Displacement Pumping, Discharge Valve, Suction Valve, Power End, Packing, and a whole lot more.

Pulp Bale Presses

Updated April, 20184 Materials

Compacting sheet pulp or loose pulp to a bale size that is optimal for shipping requires a massive hydraulic press.

Learn about: pulp and paper, Pulp bale press, and a whole lot more.

Rail Car Dumper

Updated June, 20181 Material

Learn through play about a pulp-chip rail car dumper.

Learn about: Dumper, Car, slip-in cartridge, logic, low pressure standby, Rail, Pulp and Paper, and a whole lot more.

Sawmill Conveyors

Updated April, 20181 Material

Sawmills are full of specialized hydraulic and electrical equipment.

Learn about: Hydraulic, Belt, Sawmill, Conveyor, Quadrant Feeder, Log, and a whole lot more.

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